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How To Save The World–Vote Out Democrats

The democrats can frame it anyway they like. And they can blame whomever they choose. The only solution they have will result in long term misery. Worse still, with no other economic powerhouse on the Globe inclined toward freedom and philanthropy (becasue we will have been reduced to the status of every other useless secularist socialist democracy) the second and third world nations who have come to rely on us for fiscal support will lose their sugar daddy.

Drowning In Debt

Democrats will blame Bush, but after 2006 they had the power to stop every penny of it. Instead, they stepped on the accelerator. November is coming. We must stop the spending

Blame Congress

As we consider the economic and political situation some folks are clinging to the ‘Blame Bush’ rhetoric while others are focusing on blaming Obama.  While there is blame aplenty in varying amounts, the one consistent factor they share is the one we have the best opportunity to resove in November. They Both shared a democrat …

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Unhitch The Debt Wagon

We watch with amusement as the legislature attempts again to reconcile it’s bad fiscal manners, elbows on the table, slurping soup, and reaching across each others plates as they huddle over another last minute committee of conference. At the top of the menu is the budget, which is a coarse left over from last year that no one can stomach, or manage to keep down.