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Cultural Rot

Notable Quote – Roger Kimball

On what rot the 1960s wreaked upon today (emphasis mine):  “Only a few periods in American history,” the New York Times intoned in an editorial called “In Praise of the Counterculture”: … have seen such a rich fulfillment of the informing ideals of personal freedom and creativity that lie at the heart of the American intellectual tradition. …

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Decay Point: Anesthetized Youth

Societal decay desiccates many if not all of its valuable features. Its atrophic crumble can be seen in desolate neighborhoods, abandoned youth, personal irresponsibility, and blithely glib leadership; its fetid smell wafts from spoiled brats, contagious selfishness, meretricious celebrities and the worshiping thereof, and narcissism; and it is heard in cravenous silence and ghoulishly giddy …

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