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Propping up Ol'Joe

Weekend at Bidey’s – Propping up Old Joe

Two smart up and coming members of “the firm” get an invitation they cannot dare refuse, and discover that their very (political) lives depend on propping up the husk of the once-glorious leader….

Warren stole Bernie's votes

Mission Accomplished: Fauxahontas Clips Bernie’s Feathers!

It’s been obvious for a few months, and especially since Iowa and New Hampshire, that Liz Warren was not going to be nominee for the Democrat Party, but her base overlapped with Bernie’s – wonder why she stayed, and what’s that sign over the teepee?

Bishop - Victory Lap - The Beast

Abuse of Horsepower 2: Victory Lap

Compared to his so-called rivals, Trump is on a roll, with or without ‘The Beast.” Wherever he goes he draws Yuuge crowds and a warm reception, even, or was that especially, in Bakersfield, CA. Timothy Bishop’s cartoon captures the ‘race’:

Ben Garrison - Democrat crazy loser slots

In Vegas, Don’t Bet On The Democrat Slots!

Your 100% certain Lose-lose-lose-lose-lose-lose bet is with this crowd: You can imagine Trump standing on stage saying “Do ya feel lucky? Well do ya? You’ve got nothing to lose by voting for me!”