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Just Throwing This Out There…

The House Democrats have balked at a bi-partisan deal that while not perfect, is an actual compromise, and would end a good deal of the uncertainty about tax increases (that is stagnating the economy) by ensuring that for the most part, there are almost none. (The estate tax survives)

Inside Baseball

Does anyone know the process for congressional chairmanships? Erik has indicated above that the House GOP needs to ratify leadership’s decisions but I was not aware of that condition. It was my understanding that anyone who is not on the steering committee did not get a voice on chairmanships and appointments but maybe that’s wrong.


Ed Morrissey over at Hot Air shares with us Senator Jeff Sessions revelation that despite the events of early November, Mr. Reid has submitted his badly written DREAM act aka-amnesty bill, on four seperate occassions in recent months. Ed brings the point home so well I’ll not even try to do better. (As if I even could)

[Updated] Why You Should Contact Senator Mitch McConnell

If all they wanted to do is ensure that the federal dollars we send to DC provided some equal value to the state that pays them they would act diligently to ensure that the Federal government did not take more than it needed for its few and limited responsibilities. (No one will ever accuse a New Hampshire Democrat of that.)

Trouble in Utopia

From AP – Courtesy of the Union Leader   WASHINGTON (AP) — In a fresh sign of turmoil among defeated Democrats, a growing number of the rank and file say they won’t support House Speaker Nancy Pelosi in a politically symbolic roll call when the new Congress meets in January. “The reality is that she …

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Freshman Get A Voice

November 9, 2010 Dear Freshman Member–Elect, As you prepare to come to Washington for Orientation during the week of November 14th, we wanted to bring to your attention the various leadership opportunities available to your class.  The incoming GOP freshman class for the 112th Congress is no ordinary freshman class, and this is no ordinary …

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