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Carol Shea-Porter

Public Service?

One of the pleasures of blogging is reminding people of what blatant hypocrats liberals are.  For example.  As we approach November neither Paul Hodes nor Carol Shea Porter should be expected to spend any time politicking on the issue on warrantless wire taps and violations of personal privacy committed by the executive branch.  And the reasons …

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No Lessons Learned

Representative Shea-Porter, when given a simple solution invariably chooses the more complex one because it does a better job of hiding the true costs and intentions of any given legislative endeavor.  Insurance reform is the fine example, but a more obvious choice is Cap and Trade.  A basic sin-tax on carbon, like those on tobacco, would …

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Sit Carol Sit

  After a brief review of the game film from Rep Carol Shea-Porters–she’s calling them Town Halls–I’ve decided that any and all future interaction could be just as (or perhaps more) productive if we used either a cardboard standee of the congresswoman with three to five pre-recorded responses played by an aid (Assuming there is no loose …

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Carol Shea Porter’s Ignorance & Arrogance Tour

Ms. Carol, central-planning-government-first-teabgger-we-dont-need-to-vote-on-that-to-deem-it-passed-Shea-Porter (D-Utopia) is doing town halls over the Easter recess in which (I suspect) she will try explaining how good insurance reform will be for us.  If she gets the chance.  Most of the people who will come out to meet her, other than the assigned Liberal Pride groupies, union hacks, and women’s …

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Thank You Carol?

I would like to applaud Carol Shea-Porters decision to return $14,000 to Charlie Rangel, and her public recommendation that he step down from his position as Chair of Ways and Means.  I’m not sure what took so long–wait, I am sure–it’s politically necessary to do it now.  But, at least she did it.

The Sham Of Pay-Go

Yet another façade has been erected by the liberals and its’ name is Pay-Go.  Pay-Go (or Pay as you go) was the Chimera of a congress past and has been adopted by congress present so that they can continue to screw America’s future.  It works like this.  Spending must be offset.  Emergency spending need not …

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Less Than Useless

Remember how Shaheen didn’t have the sense to use her own parties partisan influence buying combine to turn her rubber-stamp vote for Trotsky care into a complete 12 lane rebuild of I-93 from Salem all the way to Hudson bay?  Well there is subterfuge afoot again in the White House and as usual New Hampshire’s left …

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