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Chicago On The Merrimack

The democrat party line on BP is to close ranks and paint Republicans as protecting big oil.  This is necessary to distract America from Obama’s incompetence and the democrat’s cozy relationship with the British energy company.  Both Carol Shea-Porter and Paul Hodes got the memo—they are on board—using tragedy for personal and political profit as …

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Carol Stands Up For…?

Carol Shea Porter has been accused of using the oil spill and related disasters as a way to get campaign contributions.    In response her campaign manager, Angela Ruslander, said this in her defense. “Carol Shea-Porter is standing up to BP and other big corporations who are irresponsibly hurting our environment and our economy.”    Wait it gets better.  …

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Show Me The Money

The New Hampshire Democrat party is excited about all the female candidates they are fielding. Ray Buckley would like you to think that this is some kind of equal opportunity thing, or that he thinks his party gets an electoral advantage of some kind but it’s really all about money.

A Smudge On The “Teflon” John

Mr. Lynch also wants’ you to assure you that NOM’s out of state influence should not be taken seriously. He is just concerned about out of state money affecting local politics. But what he’d rather you not discuss is how much out of state money he’s been using for political speech to keep himself ensconced in the governor’s office up in Concord.

John Lynch Goes Gay (Sort Of)

The Ray and Kathy Show has this gag they do all the time, where they complain about outside money, or special interests on the right affecting local elections.  It’s a serious gas because everyone knows it’s actually a projection of their own involvement with deep pocketed outside interests with which they exert pressure upon the local …

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Did Ray Buckley Lie?

Do Ray Buckley and the New Hampshire Democrat Party Lie?  See for yourself.  Here is an excerpt from an NHDP press release that quotes Mr. Buckley directly. SB1459, which is before the state senate this afternoon, would hold foreign entities accountable for spending money intended to influence the outcome of domestic political campaigns. … "There …

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Shaheen Lends A Hand

Senator Shaheen has not yet announced her plan to return $663,000.00 dollars in campaign contributions from the financial/Insurance industry, or more specifically, $22,250.00 from Fidelity Investments or $17,500.00 from Citicorp, or money from any other big bank or wall street connected firm she is trying to regulate, she is however happy to milk the other teats …

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Is Paul Hodes an addict feigning recovery when it comes to big money from big places?  No.  He’s just pretending because it’s an election year.  But he’s happy to pay lip service to the faerie tale that Republicans are the party of big bankers, big business, and big money.  First up, this lovely graphic from …

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George Soros Loves New Hampshire

George Soros likes to move his money around like he’s playing chess, mostly by supporting organizations or foundations who then support others and at some point that money finds it’s way into issue advocacy or campaign war chests.  Direct contributions are not exactly common for George.  But for some reason he’s quite taken with New Hampshire …

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