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No Debt Ceiling Increase without Cut, Cap, and Balance

Neither President Obama nor Speaker Boehner tell the full debt story. They try to scare us by saying that if the debt ceiling is not raised, our credit rating might be lowered. But President Obama’s plans to increase our debt by at least $1 trillion annually for the foreseeable future is a bigger and definite threat to our credit rating. Our already significant interest payments won’t be affordable. China and credit rating companies warn us that we are creating too much debt. It is just a matter of time before our huge, growing debt to cause our credit rating to fall.

Reverend Jackboot!?

The left always considers any comment by clergy, in the secular affairs of state, an affront to imagined Constitutional separations unless the remarks support their positions.

Big Ben, Parliament

Rumor has it Mr. Obama gave a speech yesterday about something. I didn’t watch it and with good reason. Been there, done that. Two faced, self contradicting, tired, and repetitive. Put another way, Big Ben, Parliament.

Recovery From Irresponsible Democrat Budgets

To the Editor: Every child knows which parent to approach for permission to do something risky, expensive, inappropriate, or too impractical.    The parent who says “No” is called “mean”, “uncaring“, “selfish”, etc.      Some marriages have problems because over-spending threatens  financial disaster, e.g., eviction, inability to purchase real needs like food and health insurance.  Sometimes one …

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The Cost of Defining “Adequate” In Merrimack NH

I announced that if you took the total Merrimack School budget and divided it by the total student enrollment that it cost more than the sending your kid to UNH. This appears to have riled some people up. In fact someone sent me an nice itemized list of the “costs” of sending your kid to UNH for a year just to prove I was wrong, and to justify how Merrimack’s cost per child wasn’t as much.

Two Congressmen And A Free Throw

The US House just finished it’s work on HR1, cleaning up after democrats who in 2010 abrogated yet another constitutional obligation when they refused to write the budget they wanted.