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BLESS those Concord truth-tellers! Media stupidity/bias in NH on display!

New Hampshire Liberal Media Bias in Action (We conservatives and libertarians have long known that the “lamestream media” has a statist, leftward bent. Reasons? Collective “groupthink,” a need to please-and-entertain, government-dependent (and therefore Democrat-oriented) urban readerships, journalism schools peddling and enforcing statist propaganda…they all share blame for the lies. And it always seems to appear …

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Houghton Hears A Who

Houghton seems to have entered the event with the idea that illegals are the only criminals in Maricopa county so she is free to preface every remark in that context. He does this to “illegal immigrants” he denies that to “illegal immigrants.” And while he probably has a large population of illegal immigrants in his jail, he oversees a county with a population four times that of the entire State of New Hampshire (plus a few more that are there illegally) so Houghton’s remarks are not just wrong they appear intentionally misleading to make a specific point.

Behind The Curtain

No, we are not surprised to hear that a cabal of media elites (defenders of the ruling class) has been working to co-opt the message and suppress public discourse they do not approve of.   From The Daily Caller Watching this all at home were members of Journolist, a listserv comprised of several hundred liberal …

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Carol Is Still Batting .980

Carol “98%” Shea Porter surprised several people when she offered to co-sponsor HR 1207, the Audit the Fed Resolution.  The bill, sponsored by Republican Ron Paul would require an audit of the not so independent “independent” central bank.  The hobgoblins who run the Fed were not interested in an audit for obvious reasons.  As the …

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The Bikini Burqa Bloviators

Democrats think that a bikini hula-hoop contest as part of a political fundraiser is insulting and demeaning to women.  This after a private fundraiser being held for the Stephen campaign announced the addition–which the Stephen campaign refused to support, and which resulted in them refusing any money raised whether the bikinis were there or not. …

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