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Ted Cruz: Bernie Announces Thanos as Running Mate

Here’s a great follow up to this morning’s news about Bernie. Sanders is almost always ahead of the curve in publicly speaking the left-wing mind. Like abortion to cull the heathens and save the planet. It’s a thing, and Ted Cruz couldn’t help himself.

Hillary 2020

Is Hillary Clinton Running for President in 2020?

The current crop of Democrats vying for the chance to challenge Trump is less than exciting. Bernie, Biden, and Warren are in a statistical dead-heat. Two lying socialists and a creepy guy who can’t remember in which of the 57 states he’s currently propped up.

Cuban Reminder

In the late 1950’s, Cuba experienced a revolution, led by Fidel and Raul Castro, which put that country on the path to a Socialist Dictatorship (redundant terms, I know).  During and after this revolution, many people we executed as enemies of the cause – as we know, Socialism cannot be implemented without government force or …

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Various and Sundry

We discuss Gov. Hassan’s veto of a bill to make the pistol revolver license optional; the demise of Rockingham Park, Trump’s on-again-off-again debate with Bernie Sanders; and a drunk driver who committed vehicular manslaughter claims that only the restaurant that served him is liable in a wrongful death suit.