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LGBT Issues Force Girls to Choose Between Privacy and Ostracism

The culture clash is getting more press as girls begin to push back. Their privacy has been invaded, and no one even warmed them. At Pennsylvania’s Honesdale High School girls discovered the new transgender policy when they found a biological boy in women’s underwear in their locker room while they were changing.

GrokTALK! May 21st, 2016

We welcome Dr. Michael Brown to the program to talk about LGBT politics, the Transgender bathroom edict, and the course of cultural politics in the waning days of the Obama years. Before that,guest host Aaron Day, and backup guest host/guest Dan Hynes talk upcoming November races,Aaron’s third-party US Senate bid, and Dan’s run for the …

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Transgender Bathrooms Revisited

We continue our discussion from the first segment on the Obama letter to public schools (on Transgender Bathrooms) with N.C. Lt. Gov. Forest’s remarks, and our take on the debate.