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603 Alliance

July 30th, 2016

Two hours of conservative talk with guests Jim Kofalt from the 603 Alliance, Dr. William Briggs, John Zmirack, and guest co-hosts Susan Olsen and Kimberly Morin.

NH’s 1st Conservative Caucus

Former gubernatorial candidate Andrew Hemingway shares his thoughts on last Weeks first ever conservative NH caucus.    

603 Alliance Grassroots Cacucus

Here’s the podcast of our conversation and interviews in the run up to Saturday’s 603 Alliance Grassroots Caucus. Candidates, issues, the band’s sound check, who worked to win and who didn’t, we got it all.    

603 Alliance – Sharron Angle

You may know Sharron Angle as the Nevada Republican who challenged Harry Reid for the US Senate but when she spoke at the 603 Alliance Grassroots summit we learned that since then she has been very active, with an emphasis on uncovering, reporting, and ending election corruption.  

603 Alliance – Jane Cormier

Jane Cormier from New Hampshire Right to Life speaks at the 603 Alliance on the matter of liberty and how it is connected to life.  

603 Alliance – Jack Kimball On Liberty

The next speaker at the 603 Alliance Grassroots summit is former NH-GOP chair and candidate for Governor of New Hampshire, Jack Kimball.  Jack speaks on the erosion of liberty, IRS and EPA intimidation, and the need to stand up against the never-ending onslaught of government interference in our every-day lives.  

Obama, O’Malley, GrokWATCH, etc..

In this segment we touch on Obama’s Iran policy, our invite to Martin O’Malley, how you can write for GraniteGrok, and the goals of the new 603 Alliance. Hint: to prevent some establishment RINO from winning the NH Primary.