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A Gun Legislation Update and a Gun Rally This Saturday

Susan Olsen returns with an update on SB500, a Bill to clean up firearms language in state statute and there’s a gun rally this week. Tune in for the details.   Visit the blog-post page for more ways to listen.

Coward County Florida

Mike Rogers walks us through the serial failures of our self-proclaimed overseers in the Parkland shooting. Some surprising media reaction. The useful idiots. And more. Find more listneing options here.

Due Process Under Attack

Lead by Democrats (and Radicalized Republican moderates) the Feds and progressives are taking every opportunity to kill due process wherever they can.  

The Police Are Not Obligated to Protect You

In this segment we talk about gun rights, crime, and self defense, because no one is required to defend you, your family, or your property but you; a fact of law the progressive gun grabbers will never share or admit.  

The Real “Gun Problems” of New Jersey

Alex Roubian and Daniel Francisco (from NJ2AS) discuss the inconsistencies in the application of gun laws in New Jersey, discrimination issues, and what Gov. Christie has and has not done for gun owners in the Garden State. *There is some echo when the callers join the broadcast. It only lasts a few seconds.  

GrokTALK! – Polling Concealed Carry Part II

We continue the analysis of the Women’s Defense League Poll on concealed carry with Emily Sandblade. Does carry permitting prevent criminals from getting guns? Should a few wealthy out of state donors be able to influence state law? (Will you be surprised at how the Democrats polled responded?)  

GrokTALK! – Polling Concealed Carry

Emily Sandblade joins us to go through the results, question by question, of the Women’s Defense League scientific poll on concealed carry and carry licensing in New Hampshire. (PDF of the poll results available here)    

GrokTALK! at Liberty Forum An Ode to Matt Mowers

Kimberly Morin joins us as we continue to skewer the Pierce Contraceptive Application Disclosure Mandate Bill. We’ve got a bunch of issues to talk about and plenty of WTF suggestions, one of which involves Governor Chris Christie’s Campaign boy Matt Mowers.