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Have Faith in Their Hypocrisy

If it is disgusting, unethical, or even criminal for a church leader to spend money they ask for and receive voluntarily – on themselves instead of their supposed mission, how it is not exponentially worse than members of Congress (or their donors or supporters) are getting rich (or at least enriched) on the money “taken …

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No, Really, Masks Don’t Work

Now they tell us: Not only do cloth masks not work (obviously), neither do surgical masks! Some of us already knew this but now the “experts” are admitting it as well. Plus, Max has an announcement at the end of the show.


Do Not Comply

Make your New Year’s Resolution to not comply with Covid BS! Also, it’s Monday, so let’s start the week (and year) off right with a reading from the Psalms. This week is Psalm 10, or P-Salm, as former vice president Joe Biden says.


What will happen in 2022?

What will happen in 2022? Tune in to find out. This is going to be a very short episode because we all have celebrating to do.   

Minute man

Happy New Year?

A long time ago I resolved not to make any more resolutions at New Years. I instead adopted something like an idea we recently shared from marathoner Joan Benoit Samuelson. It’s not about what the day brings to you it’s about what you bring to the day.


No More Dirty Harry

Harry Reid is dead. You’re not supposed to say anything bad about the dead, so… Max says some things.


The Federal Government Spent $4.5MM to Torture Ferrets

Senator Rand Paul has released his annual Festivus report on wasteful government spending. Along with torturing ferrets to test Covid vaccines, the government also spent money to find out that eating junk food makes kids fat, to do bad art in New York City, and to pay schools for students who didn’t attend those schools.