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Tom Woods

Tom Woods Burns Lockdowns and Mask Mandates to the Ground

If you do not know  Dr. Tom Woods, you should. He’s brilliant and deserves your attention, and not just for the matter at hand, though it is critically important. The new wave of lockdowns and mask mandates threatens liberty (more, again). Tom Woods is here to help arm you for your defense.


Mask Mandates: The Angle Nobody Is Talking About

Mask Mandates are as contagious as the China Virus. Monkey-See, Monkey-do with the masks. The Sheep in the populace are screaming for masks, living in fear, and asking for the almighty boot of government to lick.

Welcome to portsmouth

Josiah Bartlett: Mask Mandates and the Urge to Control

Portsmouth’s City Council approved a mask mandate on a 7-2 vote last week. The city had fewer than five known active coronavirus infections the day the ordinance passed, meaning more councilors voted for the ordinance than there were active cases in the city, NH Journal pointed out.

CVS mask mandate graphic

Major Retailers Walk Back Mask Mandates They Just Put in Place

Mask wearing is not something that should be mandated. We’ve said that from early on, you decide what works for you, your circumstances. But the pressure (professional and Political) reached a head and over a matter of days, as major retailers announced mask mandates in their stores. Now, they are walking them back.


Merrimack Mandates Masks in their Recycling Center – Why?

Neither medical masks nor cloth face coverings are designed to stop the spread of a flu virus. The few studies ginned up to give some credence to the claim that they can or will are outnumbered by dozens more that say no. So, why has my town’s recycling facility demanded you wear them?