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Portland Marxists Riots

What Happened in Portland?

Police said a caravan of Trump supporters left downtown Portland around 8:30 p.m. Officers heard gunshots at about 8:46 p.m. CBS affiliate KOIN TV reports two men were seen yelling at each other. The altercation took place around that time. There are reports of hearing gunshots.

The Portland shooting could be a "flashpoint."

The Portland Shooting Could be a “Flashpoint”

The mayor of Portland, Oregon is an idiot and that’s being kind. He is pleading for an end to the violence. How stupid can one mayor be? Yes, after a person was shot and killed the mayor thinks maybe things have gone too far.


Portland Children Used As Political Pawns

This 21 second video speaks for itself. "Protesters" in Portland coaching their small children to say "f*ck the police" and makes them carry signs with that & other very classy slogans 😳 — Brittany (@Brittany3l) July 23, 2020