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Hamas Rockets from Gaza head toward Israel

Ilhan Omar Defends Terrorists – Liz Cheney Takes Her Down

Ilhan Omar has a history of supporting terrorists and terrorism. She’s advocated for them. She stood alongside their supporters. And taken the odd pot-shot at Israel. Enough that her own party almost said something. But since Muslims trump Jews, that didn’t happen. But what about this?

Linda Sarsour-and Iljan Omar

Sarsour: Labeling Ilhan Omar an Antisemite is a Stereotype

The evolution of the Left’s narrative on antisemitism continues. A few weeks ago, it was declared Islamophobic. Now, practicing antisemite Linda Sarsour (Islamophobe!) is adding a new dimension. Framing Ilhan Omar’ antisemitic comments as antisemitic is a stereotype.

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Democrats Want to Primary Ilhan Omar
I Pray That Happens and it is Not Successful

Ilhan Omar, the new female (let’s not forget that accomplishment) Congressman from Minnesota has raised some hackles with her anti-Christian anti-Jewish rhetoric of hate. The hackles come from both sides of the political spectrum; the Left, and the rest of America. And now Democrats are trying to find a “replacement” for her in the next …

Democrats Want to Primary Ilhan Omar
I Pray That Happens and it is Not Successful
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Democrats Bickering Over What to do About Ilhan Omar’s Antisemitism

Ilhan Omar’s latest “wrong turn” came when she said that pro-Israel advocates have allegiance to Israel. It’s an old trope. One that rubs plenty of Jews the wrong way regardless of political party. And just the latest of Omar’s antisemitic remarks. It is a problem that has put Nancy Pelosi at odds with her caucus.