If She Were A Democrat They'd Love Her (But she's not, so they don't) - Granite Grok

If She Were A Democrat They’d Love Her (But she’s not, so they don’t)

If Rockingham district 32 special election candidate Yvonne Dean-Bailey was a Democrat she would be their poster child for the 21st century legislator.  Young, female, raised by a single mom, worked had to get scholarships, attended Phillips-Exeter academy, attends a well-regarded college, interned for both a US Senator and a Congressperson, and writes for a political online campus forum.

The Problem? She’s a Conservative Republican.

Kimberly Morin joins us to talk about go-along-get-along Democrat Maureen Mann’s real record and the nature and hypocrisy of the left’s attacks on Mann’s opponent, Yvonne Dean-Bailey.