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GrokTALK! Reboot – We’re Back!

GrokTalk! Microphone

We’ve rebooted the podcast! This week’s topics include…

-A Democrat Senator faces a formal Ethics complaint
-Ruth Bader Ginsberg Treated for Cancer Again – Will Trump get another Nominee and what should we expect?
-Tariffs are War by Other Means
-Whole Foods CEO Says Plant-Based Fake Meat Is Bad For Your Health
-Why Evangelicals Will Support Trump (and the left’s war on religious conscience)
– Jussie Smollett and Kim Foxx face Special Prosecutor in Mishandled Hate Hoax
-Boris and Brexit (What you need to know about getting the UK out of the EU)
-Chris Sununu, the NH Budget, Titel X, Planned Parenthood, and Does it Impact his Re-election


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