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Creative Destruction

What was once a mainstay of the home entertainment zeitgeist is about to be altered, perhaps forever.  Blockbuster has announced that it may have to file for chapter 11 bankruptcy protection.  Apparently the once mighty rental giant does not fall into the too big to fail category nor does it qualify for some kind of …

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MaggieCare – associated pithy words from Prof. Walter Williams

  Walter Williams, Ph.D in economics, frequent opiner of things political, had a piece over at Townhall that fits NH, given that the Dems in the form of NH State Senator Maggie Hassan has decided to: Prove, once again, that politicians and bureaucrats know more about running a business than the business people do Will …

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Notable Quote – Thomas Sowell

Ultimately, our choice is to give up Utopian quests or give up our freedom. This has been recognized for centuries by some, but many others have not yet faced that reality, even today. If you think government should "do something" about anything that ticks you off, or anything you want and don’t have, then you …

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The American Left in Context

Part of my problem as a blogger is that I see WAY too much to ever cogently speak or riff from.  This from American Thinker is one of the "finds".  I don’t always post an entire post; this is one of those raw times when I do; Steve McCann has done a good job. Please …

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Round about some of the NH Conservative sites – week of 1/22/10

Obviously, the buzz was all about Scott Brown’s cashiering (at least for the immediate time) of the “Kennedy seat” and of Obamacare.  Right up front is this from Paul at Pun Salad that PERFECTLY encapsulates how Progressives see ordinary citizens – and why we resent them and their Progressive-in-Chief:

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Limited Government means exactly that – limited. And that means government does a few things and not all things for all people just because "it is a good idea" or solves someone’s specific need.   Why do we have Big Government?  Many reasons: One general reason is the socialistic nature of Progressives (think mostly Democrats, but …

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