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“The Professionals” vs the parents: “its instructional value outweighs its shortcomings.”

In our little town of Bedford, a controversy is brewing.  Recently parents of a high school student discovered a book had been assigned to their son in a Personal Finance class.  After reading the book, "Nickel and Dimed,…On Not Getting By In America!" the parents determined this book was not appropriate reading material for a …

“The Professionals” vs the parents: “its instructional value outweighs its shortcomings.” Read More »

There Are No “Rules” For Radicals

The democrat leadership loves to project their feelings and intentions on others. By their calculus, if it is happening inside their obsessed little minds everyone has to feel that way. It is why they can’t help claiming that anything anyone does or says in opposition to them or their agenda does so from a position of fear or hate. That is how they think and feel. It is what drives them. It must also drive you.

Stop START then re-START

New Hampshire Senator Jeanne Shaheen chews up a large chunk of the Sunday Union Leader’s opinion page to sell us on president Obama’s START treaty with Russia. Most of the words revolve around suggesting this will enhance security, that it is a good deal for America, and that there at least a busload of experts, past and current military, former Secretaries of State, ex=presidents and sundry others who agree that this Treaty should be ratified. But few things stand between taking this at face value and moving forward on her recommendation.

A little bumper sticker humor…

I do a lot of driving, working in Boston and surrounding area most of the time, and I see a variety of bumper stickers as I commute. First, there’s the quintessential emotional, utopian banner "Coexist" Then one day….

Stieg Larsson Is A Dead Marxist

I managed to cram all 590 pages of Stieg Larsson’s book ‘The girl with the dragon tattoo’ into my reading diet and let me say this; if you can get past the first 190 pages the next 400 are worth the time. I enjoyed the bulk of the book immensely, despite the fact that I was trapped in “the reading room” and that it was written by a now dead Marxist.

A Real Separation Of Powers

Separation of powers is something of a throw-away phrase for the Socialist-Democrat-Progressives. They hand it out like a comfort object to the public, a sort of well-worn teddy bear for the masses. It is meant to remind you that no matter what they do (or did) that bear will be there to help you feel better.

You know, they ran roughshod over most of us. Now, they’re whining about possible repercussions…

Well funded groups with wholesome sounding names like "Cornerstone" are preparing to attack marriage, to overturn established law, to revoke civil rights, to rip families apart. Yeah, that would be the Democrats here in NH; specifically Dean over at his Den of Progressivism, Blue Hampshire.  He’s all aghast that since the voters completely dissed his …

You know, they ran roughshod over most of us. Now, they’re whining about possible repercussions… Read More »

It’s Another “Can’t We All Just Get Along Coalition”

NoLabels is NoDifferent than the Live Free or Die Alliance, The Coffee Party, or any number of other would-be, sing a song and grab a Coke, dream a little dream utopian chat fest that pretends there is a middle to exploit the politically weak. They are all formed or founded by liberals, with liberal money, in an effort to drag Republican’s or conservatives to the left, forming a bloc of confused voters, operating on a platform with no core principles, to dilute right wing efforts to shrink government and remove its excessive overreach on our lives. (More or less)

From The Strange But True File…

The week before the election they dropped this juicy piece of red-meat ‘governmental control over the internet” pledge and went trolling for last minute signatories. Two happy little socialists you may know signed on; Paul Hodes, and Ann McKluster. They might now be thinking that this wasn’t such a good idea.