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Blogline of the Day – Equity over Freedom

Black Lives Matter rioting is the French Revolution attacking the American Revolution. Remember – Equity is just another word for racial quotas. Freedom is the word that means YOU choose for you and not someone else.

What Democrat leadership looks like

What Democrat Leadership Looks like

What Democrat leadership looks like is Portland Oregon. There has been months on end of rioting. There are many assaults. The citizens cannot use the streets without fear. Commerce is slowing and businesses are leaving.

Guillotine Jeff Bezos house

Does the Left really understand what the French Revolution was about?

The Left is doing the provoking for a hot civil war, constantly probing and taking it to a hot Civil War. The guillotine is replacing the upraised Socialist fist that the Black Lives Matter movement has taken for its own (why not – its founders are self-proclaimed “trained Marxists”).

Trump - art of the trolling

Donald Trump – Master Troller

Master Troller or  Master Truth Teller: Trump greets media after DNC: “Good to see you all. Hope you had a great weekend at your convention.”

Who is Bari Weiss

Who is Bari Weiss?

Who is Bari Weiss? And why should you care? Leftists thrive on the facade of lies. They make everyone subscribe to them. They require a belief that there is no absolute truth. Everyone knows that absolute truth exists. We should all reject leftist ideology, but we don’t.