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Why Is Ilhan Omar Not Treated Like David Duke?

Rep. Ilhan Omar of Minnesota did an Al Jazeera interview. In that piece, she claimed Americans should be fearful of white men. The reason to fear white men is they are “causing most of the deaths within this country.” What do you think? Is this racist?

Hamas Rockets from Gaza head toward Israel

Ilhan Omar Defends Terrorists – Liz Cheney Takes Her Down

Ilhan Omar has a history of supporting terrorists and terrorism. She’s advocated for them. She stood alongside their supporters. And taken the odd pot-shot at Israel. Enough that her own party almost said something. But since Muslims trump Jews, that didn’t happen. But what about this?

Linda Sarsour-and Iljan Omar

Sarsour: Labeling Ilhan Omar an Antisemite is a Stereotype

The evolution of the Left’s narrative on antisemitism continues. A few weeks ago, it was declared Islamophobic. Now, practicing antisemite Linda Sarsour (Islamophobe!) is adding a new dimension. Framing Ilhan Omar’ antisemitic comments as antisemitic is a stereotype.