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Laconia Daily Sun

Blackmail, treachery, and Quid Pro Quo by the Democrats

I see that my local paper, the Laconia Daily Sun, is still printing those stupid hate Trump cartoons. This time Santa’s bringing down Trump. Well, not likely, as the Grinch Pelosi is holding onto the impeachment papers, trying to blackmail the Senate into conducting a Schiff-like kangaroo court over there.

This election is about western civilization.

Happy It’s An Election Year?

Happy New Year; are you happy it’s an election year? The Democrats have saddled themselves with an impeachment. Saddled fits because of its extremely partisan nature. It was from inception born of hate and lies. The Democrat primary debates, sans American flags, are still going on. Their audience is the most limited in history.

Horowitz Report on Surveillance is Close

Horowitz Report on Surveillance is Close

Department of Justice (DoJ) Inspector General (IG) Michael Horowitz’s report on surveillance of President Donald Trump’s 2016 campaign is close to release. Best guess is the second week of December. The timing will be somewhere around an expected House vote on impeachment.

What topics are important to you?

Shouldn’t a Debate Impart Information to the Audience?

We had a national debate with the Democrat candidates for president. Shouldn’t a debate impart information to the audience? Shouldn’t it be more than a chance to up the name recognition by having a moderator call your name repeatedly on national TV?

Can Barack Obama be prosecuted for bribery?

Over the past several weeks, Democrats have been trying to justify their impeachment hearings based on some allegations of a quid pro quo between President Trump and the president of Ukraine. But most Americans, reasonable Americans, understand that the hearings are nothing more than a farce, the culmination of the Democrats’ three-year-long neurotic obsession with …

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