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Afghan Refugees before Americans; Where Do We Draw the Line with Refugees?

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The current situation in Afghanistan is nothing short of disgraceful and reflective of the current inept and treasonous Biden administration. The facts are that the Taliban now has over 80 billion dollars worth of US military equipment ans some of that equipment is classified at the top-secret level.

And 13 US soldiers and more than 100 Afghani citizens died from the Hamid Karzi International airport attack.

We have a country further divided over whether the USA should welcome Afghan refugees into America. Multiple states have already voiced their support in accepting Afghan refugees, offering free housing. For example, New Hampshire Governor Chris Sununu has already voiced his support to meet activists’ demands in a statement to WMUR News 9.

Virginia and Maryland’s governors have also voiced their plans to open up their states to more refugees. Also, it seems that some have also been transported to other states such as Texas and Wisconsin as well. Whether their governors welcome them or not, I have not found any verification if they do or not at this point.

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Whether people are for or against bringing more refugees into this country is not the point of this article. After all, we are a nation of immigrants, and it has been part of American culture to establish a consistent vetting process and system of requirements to define eligibility. To streamline the legal immigration and system of asylum, when necessary, based on objective criteria.

Given the age we live in, however, with the level of government corruption, it is vital to question and be skeptical of why bureaucrats are so hell-bent on accepting thousands of refugees immediately after a major attack? Even as we have American citizens who are not permitted to enter past airport gates in Afghanistan.

Also, there should be pressure by the same governors and politicians pushing for refugees to get the treasonous Biden Administration to allow American citizens to fly back to the USA. Until elected officials are willing to pressure the Biden Administration, we should not even consider bringing Afghanis here.

Furthermore, where was the outrage with the same governors, politicians, and activist groups requesting Afghan refugees when the Cubans protested in Florida this summer against Communism? Furthermore, how come the sleepy Biden Administration and the mainstream media downplayed the Cuban protests in Cuba against the regime?

Also, why did the Biden Administration decide the federal government would not welcome Cuban refugees?

So, my fellow Americans, I ask why this Administration allows refugees to be flown here, with the support of governors and other politicians across party lines, when the same Administration is actively keeping American citizens from leaving Afghanistan and recently denied Cuban refugees status?

There is nothing wrong with bringing in refugees that are truly escaping life-threatening situations for asylum. To be fair, plenty of Afghanis have also been victimized by the elites’ plans and their alliances with radical Islamic groups. I think it’s the right thing to do to help them. But the way the government is doing this and the politicization of it is what’s at issue.

How do we know the refugees we are taking in are properly vetted by Customs and Border Protection and/or the State Department? Or is our military doing the vetting? How do we know any vetting by any law enforcement/investigative agency is being performed?

There is no such thing as too much skepticism and no limits on questioning everything in this day and age. We have a government, even long before the Biden Admin, that has lied to us over and over to cover its own agenda and tracks when something major goes wrong.

All I am asking is to bring our own citizens home first, to properly vet any future refugees we take in with no political motive and the ones that do get in need to understand this is not an Islamic country where they can come and take over our political system but be done in a way our Founding Fathers would envision.