Clerk Nicole Bottai & Moderator Peter Griffen from Windham Heel Dragging on AG's Election Inquiry - Granite Grok

Clerk Nicole Bottai & Moderator Peter Griffen from Windham Heel Dragging on AG’s Election Inquiry

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Schmucks. I guess they are still butthurt after being outed for some really severe voter ballot-counting issues – where Republicans running for the NH House got shorted by 300 votes EACH as found in that recount. In a town that small, that’s not small potatoes.

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This was back in November so we are two months out and these two, Town Clerk Nicole Bottai and Moderator Peter Griffin. have decided to play peek-a-boo can’t-catch-me with the NH DOJ’s election division. Not that the latter is all that bright and shiny on election/voter fraud in the first place – you’d actually get a lot more results if Gov Baby Huey would put CNHT Chair Ed Naile as head of that office. But I digress.

So, a letter from the NH DOJ has gone to those two Bozo work-alikes along with Windham Assistant Moderator Elizabeth Dunn asking “OK, screw-ups, why are we still toe-tapping for the stuff we demanded from the Nov 3 election???”. It really does look like these three pulled a Biden and have stayed in their basement hoping not to be noticed again (wished that had happened to Xiden as well).  Here’s the letter:

NH DOJ Letter to Campell over election materials

I’m betting that there have been a number of other communications from the NH DOJ before this now “triggering” letter as in “we’re losing our patience – guess what you might be losing fairly soon”?

But I will note that the second to last sentence in the letter is a bit bizarre:

We understand that we are requesting a significant amount of information and appreciate your cooperation in providing it so that we can respond to your request for our review of your process.

So Windham wanted a review, that the DOJ was willing to do, but won’t ante up the stuff that might show they’re in deep doo-doo?

And yes, I’ll go there after that last line – something doesn’t smell too good here. Did the Clown Car find stuff that might put them into a Paddy Wagon?

Look, I have no idea what is going on right now – this is just a single data point but given the events of the last two months at the national level, this might be “our” microcosm as most of us went “Really, Windham? What DID you do?”. Those kinds of things COULD happen but that recount looked awfully weird at the time and this letter starts me to wondering “what else is down there”?