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Speak Now or Forever Hold Your Peace! – VOTE!!!

Trump victory

Tomorrow is an important day for our state and our nation. President Trump has done so much for our country, with his most recent achievement being the appointment of his 3rd conservative justice to the Supreme Court.

These accomplishments were only possible because the Republicans held a majority in the U.S. Senate.  That majority must be maintained if the President is to continue appointing conservative judges… so please give strong consideration to voting for U.S. Senate Candidate Corky Messner to replace Jeanne Shaheen.

Corky is smart and well-spoken.  He answered all questions, regardless of difficulty.  In addition, he did something that reflects positively on his character… he publicly announced his cell phone number and invited everyone to call and speak with him directly.  I will confidently vote for Corky based on the extensive conversations I had with him.  You can listen to some of those conversations in the reference links at the end of this post (broken down by topic).

In order for President Trump to implement his America First agenda, he must also have a majority in the U.S. House – and we have excellent candidates in Steve Negron (CD2) and Matt Mowers (CD1)! I live in CD 1 and will confidently vote for Steve Negron.  I’ve gotten to know Steve over the past two elections.  He is an intelligent, extremely well-spoken man who will proudly represent NH Values.  If you want to learn more, you can listen to some of our conversations in the reference links below (broken down by topic).

For those of you who live in Windham… please read this post to learn where the candidates for State Rep stand.  It contains questions that are a good reminder of why we must vote – and what is on the line.

In a Self-Governing Country, All Voters Have an OBLIGATION to Know Who They’re Voting For

Finally, here are my closing thoughts about the importance of tomorrow’s vote.

The Eradication of Traditional American Values = The Eradication of America 

Reference Links:

Short Audio Podcasts with Corky Messner:

Corky on Jeanne Shaheen’s Family Milking the System (2:00)

Corky on the 1st and 2nd Amendments (3:38)

Corky on Healthcare and Shaheen’s Opposition to Passive Infanticide (4:25)

Corky on Preserving the Trump Tax Cuts (2:52)

Corky on Education and Getting Back to Normal (3:50)

Short Audio Podcasts with Steve Negron

Steve’s Support For Law Enforcement (6:18)

Steve’s Commitment to Serving His Constituents (6:06)

Poll Shows Steve in Statistical Tie with Kuster (3:12)

Steve’s Support for the Electoral College (6:38)

Please Vote Tomorrow, November 3rd!