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Freedom of Speech, Just watch what you say…

Ice T

Freedom of Speech, Just watch what you say, a line from the Gangster Rapper, ICE-T.  I am reminded of this lyric (from my youth) whenever I strike a nerve. Who’s nerve did I hit? Well, that would be Philip Abirached of the Windham, NH Republican Committee.

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It is a group I was a member of back when I was a resident of Windham, New Hampshire.

You may be wondering, how did I get on his sh*t list?

Did I switch political parties?  No.

Did I personally attack him? No, again.

What I did was call Bryant “Corky” Messner a #CarpetBagger, which is true. Corky is funded by his own money, with support from Citizens United. They are a conservative money laundering scheme that decided to buy a US Senate seat here in New Hampshire.

It should, therefore, be no surprise that I am backing Brigadier General Don Bolduc for that New Hampshire US Senate Seat. If you would like to support the General, you can send $6.03 to his campaign. He would appreciate it, because, it is about the 603 (New Hampshire) and not 202 (Washington DC).

I am putting myself out there because this is what you do when backed into a corner.  As a staunch conservative and 2nd Amendment supporter, my views were always welcomed in the Windham, NH Republican Committee, until the General came along. #TeamBolduc