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Is Governor Chris Sununu a Tyrant or a Racist?

With Apologies to Henry Payne - Sununu Flattens Liberties

Is Governor Chris Sununu a tyrant or a racist?  I believe this is a fair question, based on his words and his actions during the past few months regarding Covid-19.

Under the edicts of the Governor, he forced many businesses in the state of New Hampshire to be closed. Only businesses that were deemed “essential” by the Governor could be open for business, many with restrictions that greatly limited their income opportunities. Too many other businesses that were shut down will likely never reopen.

I have been troubled from the beginning.  The definition of “essential businesses” was never clearly and adequately explained – especially since the list of “essential businesses” was riddled with ridiculous conflicts of reason.

The Governor’s stated justification for his edicts? “Safety trumps everything” (his words).

Let’s assume Governor Sununu still believes it is unsafe for more than 10 people to gather at the same location and/or within 6 feet of others in order to keep people safe from the spread of Covid-19. This is a valid assumption based on the fact the Governor has left many restrictions in place – contrary to recent reputable studies that have shown Covid-19 is less deadly than the common seasonal flu.

If the Governor feels the threat from Covid-19 is still real and “safety trumps everything”, then why would he publicly support and encourage the Black Lives Matter protest organizers to violate his orders and hold their protests in Manchester last week? If Covid-19 still presents the deadly threat he claims… then didn’t he encourage the BLM protesters to enter into harms way?

Does the Governor feel it is safe for people to closely interact now or not? He can’t have it both ways. Did Governor Chris Sununu disregard the safety for the BLM protesters by encouraging them to engage in a potentially life threatening activity?  Is he a tyrant who has abused and continues to abuse his Constitutional authority to unnecessarily flatten and destroy state businesses and families?

After contemplating the above, is Chris Sununu still qualified to be governor?