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Op-Ed: All Children Have the Right to Live

Mark Lutter's Daughter

I am writing in support of Ken Eyring’s article on 3/19/20, where he said, “While it was not easy to use such strong language … ‘Heinous monsters’ fittingly describes those who condone the act of willfully causing a newborn infant to die.”

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Mrs. Bak and Mr. Riese were bothered by his choice of words in his previous article, Heinous Monsters: NH Senators Shaheen and Hassan Support Passive Infanticide… but never addressed the actual concerns that Mr. Eyring raised regarding the right to life of all babies born alive during an abortion.

Instead, they claimed Mr. Eyring abused his first amendment right to free speech – and in doing so, was potentially inciting violence.  They personally attacked Mr. Eyring in an attempt to discredit and distract from his very valid concerns – which was the right to live for all newborn children.  Even when a child is born alive during an attempted abortion.

Mrs. Bak and Mr. Riese ignored the entire purpose of Mr. Eyring’s concerns regarding the born-alive issue, and instead attempted to mislead and distract the reader into believing the focus was an attack on Roe vs. Wade.  They then veered off course even further by stating the government should be focused on better health care insurance.

Nothing in Mr. Eyring’s article spoke about abortion or healthcare insurance.  His article was about a child’s right to receive medical care at the moment they are born.

Why are Mrs. Bak and Mr. Riese concerned about people who need better insurance, but not the lives of newborn and unborn children?  I’d like to know if they can answer the question: When does life begin?  The scientific answer is at conception. Any other “opinion” ignores science – but they appear to be more (inaccurately) concerned that the Born Alive Bill was a threat against Roe vs. Wade.

They also twisted and politicized Mr. Eyring’s words, stating “It is clear that this letter’s intent is to smear all Democrats as it implies that all Democrats are inherently monsters.”  Mr. Eyring presented facts about a very sensitive topic: the right to life of a newly born infant.  He accurately pointed out that only Democrats voted against Senate Bill S.311 (titled the “Born-Alive Abortion Survivors Protection Act”).  He did not infer that all Democrats are monsters… just those who voted against protecting a helpless, innocent newborn infant.

In 2008, my wife was pregnant with our daughter.  When she went to the doctor for one of her checkups, she was diagnosed with Preeclampsia (High blood pressure) and was sent straight to the hospital.  Several medications were unsuccessful in reducing my wife’s blood pressure.  In a life-saving measure, a few days later, my daughter was born by c-section, 2 months early, weighing 3 pounds.

The picture above is my daughter on the day she was born.  My wife’s life was at risk but that did not diminish the importance of my daughter’s life. A picture is worth a thousand words.

Mr. Eyring is correct to point out ALL children born alive deserve to live, but I would have chosen words other than “heinous monsters” to describe those who believe otherwise. Senators Shaheen and Hassan, as well as all of the others that voted against S.311 are promoting and enabling infanticide. Those on the left used to say abortions should be legal but rare.  It appears that the “rare” portion of that argument has been perverted into a women’s right to choose which unborn and born-alive babies (during an abortion) should live and which should die.

There seems to be a zero-tolerance from both sides.  Zero restrictions from the left and zero abortions from the right.

I propose a compromise: Born-Alive babies deserve to live and should be protected by law as defined in S.311.

Third-trimester abortions should be outlawed because thanks to modern medicine these babies can lead happy healthy lives. If the parents don’t want to raise the child, many others will gratefully accept that responsibility and do so with love.

My daughter is an example of the miracle of life.

Is it really ok to suck a 7-month-old fetus out of her mother’s womb – or even worse, dismember and remove it piece by piece?  When abortions are referred to as a “choice”, it’s easier to pretend the fetus is not a life. I believe anyone that supports abortion in the third trimester is promoting infanticide.

Consider our recent response to the Coronavirus outbreak.  We are practicing social distance, remote learning, closing restaurants and restricting travel.  Why? To prevent the spread of disease and protect life. Congratulations to all of you who are participating in this response.  I welcome you to the pro-life movement.  It is a blessing to have you on board!  Please consider extending your pro-life support to all innocent children. Especially those 6-9 months old in the womb and all children born alive. Look at my daughter’s picture again. that could be the life you are saving.

My daughter is now 11.  I am thankful that we have great hospitals and that we chose life for my daughter and wife!

Mark Lutter