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Why Do Public Schools Have NO Accountability, while Education Savings Accounts are Under Fire?

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Proficiency scores came out in October and from what I have seen, they are not pretty. Proficiency scores for the entire state decreased significantly due to school closures and failure to properly educate our kids.

But while money is pouring into public schools, why is it that our local school district can find the money to build a new district office at a time when construction and supply prices are at their worst and to fund an auditorium which was already voted down on the ballot?

Somehow the plan for learning loss is still a thing of mystic glory and the only thing the school has figured out is how to pay for it’s already required ESY program with incoming funds and use the budget funds for the unnecessary.

The whole purpose of school, to educate children, seems to be completely lost. As a result of this, many parents have decided to take advantage of ESAs because they DON’T WANT failing schools.

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The legislature is considering a bill that would allow for an in-depth audit of the ESA accounts completely disregarding the plea, presented at the HB 581 committee hearing, requesting an audit of local public schools.

After all, more money is flowing into schools than ever before but taxes have also increased and performance is in the toilet.

What kind of message are we sending when complaints about schools are disregarded and there is no improvement despite an “unprecedented” amount of funding?

Kids are not getting what they need. If ESA schools failed to provide the education that parents want, then parents will take their kids to another school.

If public schools don’t provide the education they should, we get increased taxes and no accountability. Instead of looking at auditing the ESAs, the legislature must audit the public schools and get them back on track.