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It’s Time to Act or Kiss the USA Goodbye

Mental health anxiety depression Image by Josh Clifford from Pixabay

American values and families are under assault from the progressives. We see this with CRT and transgender cult ideologies in our schools. And with American Bolsheviks, BLM and ANTIFA rioting, looting, and pulling down statutes in their effort to destroy American history and culture.

Here in New Hampshire, the enemy has been identified: Andrew Mejias, BLM board member, SAU 16 Exeter “diversity Coordinator.”

Remember, BLM called for a boycott of “white-owned businesses.”

Tanisha Johnson, board member, and co-founder BLM seacoast, Ken Mendis, Racial Unity Team SAU 16, Stephanie Bramlett, Director of equity and inclusion, Toyim Augustus, “facilitator” SAU 16 DE-J team. Kevin Parjo- Marines, Asst. Director equity and inclusion, Exeter Philips Academy.

These people are forcing their ideology, their beliefs, upon society by the indoctrination and sexual grooming of NH school children.
This is a false religion. Destructive and malignant.

As proof, I call to attention the book “Irreversible Damage, The Transgender Craze Seducing Our Daughters” by Abigale Shrier, Journalist.

Abigale reports that “Prior to 2012, there was no scientific literature on gender dysphoria arising in teenage girls.” So, essentially, this was not occurring in young girls prior to the left’s transgender indoctrination and sexual grooming. The report also states, “ To offer one statistic, there has been a decade-to-decade increase of over 4,400 percent in a number of teenage girls seeking treatment at the United Kingdom National Gender Clinic.”

Testosterone treatments. Genital mutilation surgery.

The well has been poisoned here, too. That well is the foundation of western civilization, AKA your public schools and your children. For a preview of where the left is driving us, read Steve MacDonald’s “Welcome to the left’s Utopia” 29 Dec. 2021.

The enemy is targeting us, our families, setting us apart, marking us as deplorable, and demonizing us. It is past time to go on the offensive.

Mark Twain once said, “The man who does not read has no advantage over the man who cannot read.” I read Ms. Shrier’s report through Imprimis, of Hillsdale College. Educate yourselves with Due Diligence. Ignore the idiot screen in your home.

It’s time to Act or kiss the USA goodbye.

Jack Griffin, Concord