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WMUR’s Hidden Agenda Concerning the U.S. Senate

US Senate - image credit US Senate.gov

Left-leaning WMUR recently ran an article titled “TAUB EYES SENATE RUN’ that raised more questions for me than it answered. You see, nothing WMUR promotes is for the benefit of the true Republican party.

Hence when I started reading about Phil Taub, a longtime influential donor and fundraising catalyst for the NHGOP per WMUR, and went on to read about all the other virtues and accolades WMUR political reporter, John Distaso extolled upon Taub and his wife Julie, it begged the question why?

Mind you, Distaso wrote this entire piece about the nationally high profile 2022 US Senate race where Democrat incumbent Maggie Hassan is considered vulnerable, and not once mentioned Hassan’s number one, and as of this writing, only challenger, Brigadier General Don Bolduc.

Don Bolduc is considered a true conservative, was born and raised in NH, and is known throughout all circles as a pure patriot. Could this be why WMUR is promoting “other candidates” that might prove less conservative?

Let’s look at what WMUR finds so appealing in Taub.

WMUR: “Phil Taub has been a longtime influential donor and fundraising catalyst for the NHGOP and several Republican candidates over the years. He is known throughout the NHGOP….”

Later in the article:

WMUR repeats: “Politically, Taub has been, and is, a major donor and fundraising organizer for the NHGOP and Republican candidates. Earlier this year, he co-hosted a fundraiser for Republican 1st Congressional District U.S. House candidate Matt Mowers…”

Perhaps that’s why they like Taub. He’s supporting and fundraising for Matt Mowers who happens to be part of the establishment.

Then WMUR quoting Taub: “We need someone with the experience, leadership skills, a servant’s heart and good judgement to represent New Hampshire in Washington D.C.”

Has Phil Taub used his political and financial capital to support Bolduc as the New Hampshire Republican candidate to unseat Hassan in 2022? Does Phil Taub not recognize the experience, leadership skills, servant’s heart, and good judgment that New Hampshire-born and raised Don Bolduc has demonstrated throughout his illustrious career? If not, what does it say about Taub’s “servant’s heart and good judgment”?

WMUR highlights both Phil and Julie Taub’s interest and commitment to supporting veterans. Are they committed to supporting Brigadier General Don Bolduc in his bid for U.S. Senate?

Republicans will only win going forward, by projecting and supporting liberty-minded conservative candidates that will stand strong for individual rights, medical freedom, voter integrity, and the NH Constitution.

General Bolduc scores top marks in every category, is tied with Hassan in recent polls considering the margin of error(Hassan 47% Bolduc 42%) and will get my vote.

WMUR can promote anyone they wish but should know this. The new conservatives would rather lose an election and let the opposing side own the responsibilities for their decisions rather than hold our noses at election time and end up being complicit in the outcome.

Read between the lines enough and you begin to see WMUR always has an agenda different from the article title and cares not who they used to accomplish their end game. Here they use Taub to try and mitigate the threat Bolduc poses to Hassan and the Dems because they realize the General will win.