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Taking Back the Future Starts with You!

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America as we know it is on the verge of extinction and little can be done to stop it with the balance of power teetering in favor of the current administration.

Currently, Democrats control the US House of Representatives by a narrow margin and the Senate is evenly split with Kamala Harris able to turn the vote left on any tied Senate legislation. All is not lost, however.

And this is when New Hampshire citizens will rise to the occasion and make a difference.

To that end, Onesmallstate.Com has been created to identify, promote and elect candidates dedicated to preserving American values based on the United States Constitution, the Bill of Rights, and the New Hampshire State Constitution.

Linking voters to candidates vested in protecting our medical freedoms, opposing race-based education, ensuring election integrity, and protecting our first and second amendment rights is crucial to saving America.

Onesmallstate.Com accomplishes this mission by hosting town hall-style private events allowing New Hampshire Candidates for the US House, US Senate, and Governorship to express their views and visions then offering citizens an opportunity to ask questions and voice their concerns whereby increasing the numbers of informed voters across the State.

New Hampshire’s only two Congressional House seats and two US Senate seats are currently occupied by Democrats in lockstep with the current radical left administration. In 2022, New Hampshire has the opportunity to shrink Pelosi’s majority advantage in the House. Further, we have the opportunity to remove Maggie Hassan and restore NH’s Senate seat to a candidate with a voice of reason, more representative of our citizens at large.

We are not California or New York, thankfully, but our one small State of New Hampshire can change the direction of America for the better.

Visit Onesmallstate.Com for upcoming events, become informed, support the best NH candidates and change the course of history.