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Skier Takes Crotched Mountain Ski Resort Down For Mandated COVID Vaxx Policy …

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To whom it may concern: I and my family, have been skiing at Crotched Mountain since my sons were old enough to ski/board. I went out of my way to support Crotched as it is a small local mountain and I want to help keep these types of ski areas running.

Imagine my surprise to see on your website, that you are practicing segregation based on mRNA injection status. This is morally reprehensible and has NO BASIS in reality.

Whoever decided to implement this should take the time to read a history book and begin with 1933 Germany. They should also educate themselves about COVID and the mRNA shots.

The mRNA shots were designed for the WUHAN strain of COVID. They were not effective against that strain and they have no effectiveness with other strains. It is well known that people who have opted to take the shots still get COVID, still spread COVID & still die from COVID.

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The geniuses that decided to implement this policy should also think of renaming the resort with something that is in line with their belief system.


Croched Mountain COVID policy


Here are some suggestions:

“Welcome to 1978 South Africa’s newest ski resort. We practice apartheid.”
“Ski Dachau – Papers please.”
“Pfizer Resort – The wonderful world of experimental gene therapy”

I had planned to come there this weekend. Instead, I am going to let everyone I know that Crotched is no longer practicing freedom and that their ski $ should go elsewhere.

At a minimum, this policy is anathema to morality and at a maximum part of a crime against humanity.
You should be ashamed.

John Cawthron
Nashua, NH


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