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Protect Sick and Disabled Babies from Being Killed in Barbaric Third Trimester Abortions

Defend Abortion Rights Rally

The Fetal Life Protection Act went into effect in New Hampshire on New Year’s Day. The FLPA restricts abortion after 24 weeks, with exceptions for the life and health of the mother. Planned Parenthood and the other abortion supporters have been going berserk over this modest abortion restriction.

PP has settled on talking points that they think will help them undo this law, focusing on how awful it is that the FPLA requires an ultrasound to verify the baby’s age and that the FLPA doesn’t have an exception for abortion of what they refer to as “non-viable fetuses”. By “non-viable” they mean preborn babies that have been diagnosed as potentially being severely ill or seriously disabled and may not long survive after birth.

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At the PP-sponsored Defend Abortion Rights NH Rally on October 2, 2021 in Concord the speakers reiterated these talking points and among many interesting signs that day was one with the message: “You’re pro-life until the baby is poor, black, transgender, gay, an immigrant, disabled, sick, etc.”

Later, when I was looking through the pictures of the rally, the irony of this sign hit me hard. The abortion supporters are accusing those working to protect moms and babies from the evils of abortion of wanting to abort disabled and sick babies while they advocate for killing disabled and sick babies in barbaric and dangerous third-trimester abortions.

And poor, black, and immigrant babies are especially hit hard by abortion. Every pro-life advocate knows that the vast majority of moms and babies they help to save from abortion are the most marginalized in society and they value their work all the more because of that. Those who push for abortion on demand are promoting exactly what PP’s founder Margaret Sanger openly advocated for and what we in the pro-life community are trying to stop, eugenics.

Help us protect the Fetal Life Protection Act from being neutered or repealed by both Democrat and Republican legislators. HB 622, which would repeal the ultrasound requirement in the FLPA, is being voted on by the full NH House this week. The ultrasound is used to verify the age of the baby and without it, the FLPA would have no teeth. Learn more at

Contact your state reps and ask them to vote No on HB622, as currently written, and ask them to support Rep. Matt Simon’s floor amendment which will preserve the protection for preborn babies in the FLPA.

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