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Nashua Should Be Ashamed Of Its Attorney Bolton

Steven Bolton - Nashua Attorney

Good afternoon,

I watched the Board of Aldermen meeting this morning and was stunned by the conduct of Attorney Bolton representing the City as Nashua Corporation Council.

This Board has a code of conduct and Mason’s Rules to follow and they were completely disregarded last evening. President Wilshire took no action to call points of order and stop the bullying and abuse. I was very disheartened to hear Board members chuckle at Attorney Bolton’s antics.

Every Board member is elected by a constituency and represents everyone within their Ward. Every elected member should be able to address questions to the Corporation Council without rude and snide remarks.

Essentially calling Ms. Lu a “liar” was vile and then interrupting her because Attorney Bolton believed he was being misrepresented when Ms. Lu expressed that she understood that Attorney Bolton was angry with her, was completely out of line and beyond unprofessional.

It is clear that Alderwoman Lu will never be able to address a question to Corporation Council and she should not be denied her rights to represent her Ward.

No one gets to speak over the person who has the floor, even if you believe you are being misrepresented. Wait your turn, request the floor through the President, and state your position.

The Board imposes strict rules on the public that are not imposed on you.

Alderwoman Caron and Alderwoman Kelly expressed confusion with the process of changing the Charter and were treated with professional courtesy.

If there are email communications between Attorney Bolton and Alderwoman Lu that are not attorney Client privilege and express apologies to Attorney Bolton, I would like copies.

For Attorney Bolton to verbally deny that Ms. Lu has apologized for whatever offended Attorney Bolton is concerning. This tells me Attorney Bolton is no longer objective and he is holding personal grudges that create risk and liability for the City.

I have been given direct information from folks in City Hall that Attorney Bolton is not functioning well since his December stroke. Apparently, employees have been speaking with the mayor about this situation but it appears he is letting it slide.

I would also comment that I believe Attorney Bolton is angrier and more personal than I have ever seen him. He showed a complete lack of judgement jaded by personal and vindictive emotions in driving my property appeal into the courts. His actions since December were particularly disturbing.

While Attorney Bolton may not historically have been perceived as an overly pleasant man, this stroke has certainly not sweetened his temperament. For the Mayor and the Board to allow him to represent the City as Corporation Council creates a liability for the City that the taxpayers should not be funding. Please send Attorney Bolton out on disability or permanent retirement and only bring Dory Clarke or Celia Leonard into the Chamber from this point forward.

That was a jaw-dropping, stunning and disappointing meeting. In case you would all like to see how it replayed on YouTube, start watching at 37 minutes and ask yourselves why no one called a point of order.



Very disappointing