Are Nashua City Hall Employees Trying to Serve, or Control, the Public? - Granite Grok

Are Nashua City Hall Employees Trying to Serve, or Control, the Public?

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After 15 months of being closed, from March 2020 to June 2021, Nashua City Hall is finally open! I was pretty excited to be able to enter without an appointment or a mask to pay my City bills. It was almost like things were returning to normal.

I wanted to renew my car registrations, and quickly discovered a new feature in City Hall.  There’s a hall monitor sitting at a desk, checking residents as they approach and tracking where they are going. How is this a necessary taxpayer expense? City Hall is finally open, isn’t it?

I got in line waiting for an open payment window at motor vehicle department, only to discover that there were actually two lines: one for residents with appointments and another line for those without appointments. Those with appointments had priority and went first. Those without appointments went last. Another totally new feature.

After all those with appointments completed their business, I slowly approached an open window, only to get yelled at for not “waiting to be called.” How was I supposed to know to “wait until  called” without any signs posted?  Yet another new feature.

Now, it may be difficult for City workers to be back at City Hall, but it also stressful for the public. Especially when City workers are working much harder to control, rather than serve, the public.