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I’m Looking For Folks Who Received “The Jab” and Experienced Side Effects

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If you weren’t aware, there is a growing call for most of we 330 million Americans to be injected with the China Virus “Jab/Vaccine” in order to save our country and the world!!

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You may also know that this “jab” does not come without some potential risks, as with any medication. Side effects seem to vary in intensity, from as little as a sore arm, to a slight fever, to lethargy, to temporary paralysis, to death, or something in between!

All of this said, my name is Liz Gabert and I am the host of the talk radio show “Life with Liz” on WSMN in Nashua. I’m on the hunt for a number of folks who have either received the jab themselves or may have a family member or a friend who has, AND who has experienced a side effect(s) more intense than just a sore arm.

For these folks, who are willing and able, I would love for them to briefly share their experience with me on-air, as my call-in radio show guest! If they are shy, or for some personal reason wish to do so, they may call in anonymously or use only a first name.

The date/time I have targeted for this amazingly FUN opportunity is Wednesday, June 9th from 11:15 am to Noon EST

If you or somebody you know is up to this challenge, I would love to hear from you!!!

I can be reached at Info@LifewithLizNh.com or LizGabert1@gmail.com

And many thanks to Steve and Skip for letting me use GraniteGrok for this fun endeavor!! Hope to hear from y’all soon!


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