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Sununu Discovers the First Amendment Just in Time to Save CRT

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Gov. Chris Sununu is no friend of free speech. In 2018, he signed a therapy ban which made it illegal for licensed counselors to help gender-confused children live as their own sex, even though we know that the vast majority of those children would be comfortable living as their biological sex as adults unless they’re pushed down the path of affirmative therapy.

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So why does Sununu frame his objection to HB 544, An Act Relative to the Propagation of Divisive Concepts, as a First Amendment issue? 

Now part of the proposed budget, HB544 would prevent tax dollars from being used to indoctrinate our children and public employees with neo-Marxist critical race theory.

Our governor always has his finger to the wind. He’s aware that the most powerful corporations in the world are pedaling the Critical Race Theory (CRT) of Black Lives Matter, as well as transgender ideology, and that they’re eager to punish state governments that stand in their way.

This month, 100 leaders of major corporations, including Delta Air Lines, Coca-Cola and Aflac Insurance had an online meeting to discuss how they’ll coerce states to prevent them from passing restrictive voting laws across the country. 

This is nothing new. In 2016, North Carolina rescinded a law to keep men out of women’s private spaces in response to pressure from American Airlines, Apple, Cisco, eBay, General Electric, IBM, Intel, LinkedIn, Microsoft, Nike and Salesforce.

In 2015, then-Indiana Governor Mike Pence responded to corporate coercion and watered down the Religious Freedom Restoration Act.

Sununu recognizes that we live in an oligarchy, and standing up for principles is bad for commerce. If children are hurt by being taught that the color of their skin has determined their future, or by being told they were born in the wrong body and subsequently chemically castrated, well, that’s just the cost of doing business.

The governor will do the right thing only if enough people of conscience demand it. Please contact him and ask him to stop our money from being spent on CRT indoctrination.

Contact Governor Chris Sununu at (603) 271-2121 or and tell him to sign the proposed budget with the ban on teaching critical race theory.