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Let’s Try TheMaskMap.com To ID Freedom Friendly Businesses

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You’ve all been asking for a directory of mask-free businesses and we hesitated; we didn’t want to tell the Karens where our friends do business so they could ruin that, too. With the statewide mask mandate lifted, we think it may be time to give this a go, and we think it could work if you all participate.

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TheMaskMap.com is a third-party tool that allows users to anonymously indicate whether they were able to patronize a local business mask-free or whether the business gave them a hard time. Sort of like a health-freedom Yelp!, TheMaskMap.com uses crowd-sourced information that helps users understand the type of experience they’re going to get when they go to a business to save them time and hassle ahead of time.

User notes within the online application can detail exactly what conditions were like inside the business, which will, in turn, help the next person who considers going there. We’ve tested the tool and believe if it gets enough traction, it could become very useful. In fact, it may just change the landscape if we can show enough people prefer shopping mask free. Please let us know what you think.

As people who have shopped mask-free throughout this whole episode, we encourage you to continue offering kindness to masked-up people who are rude to you, as we think this will also help lead to more freedom in the long run. Nevertheless, it doesn’t hurt to report both good and bad experiences in a central location to help your neighbor know where to go to live in freedom. Hopefully, businesses that promote normal human interactions will be the winners in this experience and capitalism will reward those businesses who treat their customers with good service and dignity.