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Taxpayer-funded Propaganda in the Classroom

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Social Justice has infiltrated the Nashua public schools without any pubic discussion at board meetings or elsewhere.

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When problems arise, school board members simply avert their eyes, refuse to allow parents an opportunity to voice their concerns and fail to review any proposed Social Justice curricula. Social Justice “education” has slipped into our schools by stealth.

An elementary school parent wrote to the school board in May of 2019 objecting to his child being instructed to treat people differently based upon the color of their skin. The father complained that teaching racism was inappropriate. Yet nothing was done. No discussion was allowed by the current board president, even after I submitted a request to include Social Justine on the board agenda, as was my right to do as a sitting board member at the time. The issue was swept under the rug.

This parent wrote to the board regarding the “No hate in the Granite State” campaign.

I’m stunned at what is being taught to my first grader. He was taught “what makes a good citizen” is dependent on his service to community…. This is not what makes a good citizen. What makes a good citizen is to not be a burden on society. Beyond that, it’s his right to seek his own happiness, not what you think he should become. If a life of service to others is where he finds his happiness, so be it. But it will be of his own choosing.

He was also taught people of color are “less free” than “white people”… He’s being taught to have special considerations for people of color, that they should have special privileges simply because they are a different skin color….  When someone is treated special based on skin color, that means someone else is treated with less consideration based on theirs. That is racism. It is unacceptable. I have been teaching my son that “ALL” people are the same regardless of color. That he MUST treat everyone with the same respect and consideration….  Anything else is racism.

Our children are supposed to be given a basic education and allowed to grow in whatever direction their own happiness leads them. That is the basic founding principle of America itself. The pursuit of your own happiness…

After watching the BoE meetings it’s clear there is an agenda coming from the top. I’ve watched people of different opinions, my shared opinions, berated and treated with utter disrespect. I’ve watched in disgust as board members try to leverage race. I have watched in horror at the blatant politics, and hatred for other members on full display. You should be ashamed of yourselves. It’s supposed to be about the children.

The “No hate in the Granite State” campaign should start with YOU!

In 2020, another parent complained about a Social Justice program being taught to her child in a high school English class in place of of now-neglected Grammar and Composition. This parent realized that any objection would risk retribution upon her child, who had been threatened with “investigation” when the parent had previously complained about a bullying incident. It has become extremely difficult for parents to object to what’s going on in the public schools and at the same time ensure the fair treatment and safety of their child(ren).

Here are excerpts from an English class video on Social Justice, The Urgency of Intersectionality.

At 1:35 minutes into the lecture, after reciting the names of four individuals, the speaker explains:

“So those of you who recognized the first group of names know that these were African-Americans who have been killed by the police over the last two and a half years.”

At 2:08 minutes:

And everywhere, the awareness of the level of police violence that black women experience is exceedingly low.

At 2:48 minutes:

There’s police violence against African-Americans, and there’s violence against women, two issues that have been talked about a lot lately.

At 11:45 minutes:

Police violence against black women is very real. The level of violence that black women face is such that it’s not surprising that some of them do not survive their encounters with police. Black girls as young as seven, great grandmothers as old as 95 have been killed by the police.

The police are negatively mentioned six times in 18 minutes. No evidence or data presented, just proof by assertion. That’s not education, it’s raw propaganda. It’s also pretty obvious that Social Justice indoctrination involves undermining the police, and is a political agenda promoted by teachers and funded by taxpayers. Yet taxpayers have no say in the matter. The cards are stacked against them.

Social justice isn’t about justice, it’s about domination. Genuine intellectual inquiry is dead. The study of what used to be called “the humanities” has devolved into indoctrination on the taxpayers’ dime.