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A Story of Slander by a New Hampshire State Representative

ethics complaint form gag order

I wish to share a personal story with you. A story of slander by a New Hampshire State Representative. Why? Because it’s me today, you tomorrow.

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This post is about decency. It’s about a lack of decency. It’s about why small every day working people are under attack.  It’s about why you can’t even vote for one Democrat this election cycle. Because to support one is to embolden the nastiest in that party to coerce the remainder of Democrat politicians. The more that are elected the more the average everyday American is under attack.

Today’s Democrat party is not the party of your parents. To vote Democrat today is to hang your hat on a myth of a bygone era. Or it’s an allegiance to lies, to nastiness, to corruption.

A bit over a year ago, I was alerted to a story that no one would expect. It was a story of outright fabrication. It was the type of story that you read about in the papers but always about someone else. It was a story that leads me to say to you that if in this cycle that you vote for even one democrat you will have helped support the infrastructure of the ruthless and corrupt and slanderous modern-day Democratic Party.

It’s the story of a well known New Hampshire State Representative. A person in power. A person who has an obligation to serve the New Hampshire citizen and citizens.

The Code of Conduct for a New Hampshire State Representative has been violated against a New Hampshire citizen and all NH citizens when a state representative feels it is ok to lie, to tarnish a reputation based on a self-motivated lie. One based not in truth but in malice.

Your support of them is ultimately an effort to destroy people like myself and family who wake up and put one shoe on at a time day in and day out to work to support a family. It’s ok. Vote democrat. I have my out plan. But others don’t and your vote to support a modern-day democrat is destroying lives. No matter how you gloss over it you are a witting or an unwitting player. You cannot escape it. Your support of these people destroys police officers, their families. Your support of them destroys decency in our country.

Anyone who knows me and my family would be shocked to wake up one day with a note in their inbox to learn that a New Hampshire State Representative would find it okay to say to others an outright lie, to disparage you, to discredit you, in an effort meant to financially ruin. You expect people to debate, to talk, to reason. You don’t expect a State Representative to lie. You also expect to retain your free speech and not have a State Rep take political philosophy disagreement to the level of unjustified slander. The Ethics Complaint form steals my freedom of speech.

NH House code of conduct

The first picture I share is the State Legislative Code of Conduct. Read it. You will clearly see this State Representative has violated the Code of Conduct when you see the later pictures.

The next two pictures show that based on instruction if I file an ethics complaint I will lose my right to voice myself. My voice will be hidden away.

ethics complaint form


That means the State Representative escapes attention for their wrongdoings.

If I file it I am told it will be buried by the Democrat-controlled Houses of New Hampshire State Government and do you think the House controlled Democrats want bad attention directed at one of their party members? Sorry but that doesn’t sit well with me. Nor should it with you.

If you vote democrat in this election for these modern-day bullies then you are party to destroying average Americans. There is no way around it. None. Zero.

Next, I am posting two pictures of the only types of signage ever posted on my property. I post these because they are at the center of the State Representatives’ slanderous allegations. They are candidate produced campaign signage of the type that state the name of the candidate and name of the office.

Campaign Signs

Am I no longer allowed to do this? Have we become a Brownshirt nation? Is a citizen not allowed to do this? Is it ok with you that a State Representative of the great State of New Hampshire can fabricate out of thin air lies and attempt to destroy you with those lies? In my view, if you support them then you are saying yes.

If you are a silent majority type this behavior is why you stay silent. Right? You fear. You want peace. You want no controversy. You want a happy life. Guess what…. don’t let people like Jan Schmidt find out you vote Republican or you run the risk they will lie about you inch by inch to further political gain… eventually you will be found out. Stop being silent.

Next up something I have sat on and deliberated about since June of 2019. Anyone who knows me knows that I believe in reasoning with each other. With talking and being courteous. Anyone who knows me knows I have allowed both democrat and republican to use and enjoy my space. Why, because it’s important to be fair and listen to each other. That is how I was raised… I was raised by old fashioned democrat and republican family members. Also anyone who knows me knows I treat everyone of all races, religions, colors etc w the same respect and dignity deserving.

Jan Schmidt Racist signs

So to see a New Hampshire State Representative make an accusation of signage on my home or any property I own to be of the nature described in her writings is an affront to decency, integrity, honesty… and it’s unfit for your support even blind support. It’s unfit for the office of State Representative in this great state. I know that in the grand scheme of things that I am insignificant… just a part of the human chain … but I represent a lot of people who still value things that are no longer present in the modern-day Democratic Party. Maybe that means something to you maybe it does not… that’s all on you to decide. It’s for you to declare who you are and live with. But for me it’s an attack on each of us.

The next pictures from NH State Representative Jan Schmidt allude to her allegation that on my property I have ever placed racist stomach-churning awful signage. Racist. You read right. She also shares later that she has no pictures to share to prove it. So not only is a State Representative lying publicly but she is doing harm to a citizen of this great state.

If willing to do to me, how important do you think you are to escape such hatred, such vitriol, such poisoning of the waters? Time for you the voter to put up or shut up just as this State Representative needs to do…. put up or shut up and resign in disgrace.

This State Representative has violated the Code of Conduct and should resign immediately. The democrat party should act. The declaration of stomach-churning racist signage is slanderous. It is not based in fact. It is a disgrace and the State Government of NH should be ashamed. To attempt to falsely describe and or characterize a person or business thusly is an example of being unfit for public office.

Further, it is beneath the dignity of the old-fashioned democrat voter to still vote democrat.

Many of us helped blow up the corrupt old guard GOP… it’s your turn democrat voters. Your party has become very dangerous to what us middle of the road Americans so desperately need.

I, like all of you, have a right to fair-minded views, and no one, least of all a New Hampshire State Representative has the right to lie about you, slander or fabricate to satisfy their baseless whims. It’s about me today and will be about you tomorrow.

I have a constitutional right to believe. To support candidates I wish to support. I have a right to expect truth from a State Representative of New Hampshire.

It’s about your tomorrow. It is your decision to own up to this .