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The Truth About Bob Clegg

After I made my original report about how Bob Clegg was paid to lobby against a bill to increase penalties for those who pay to rape children, I was attacked by his supporters on Facebook. That didn’t surprise me.

I was surprised after I published the response of a survivor of sex trafficking to Bob Clegg and the survivor was attacked by a Bob Clegg supporter. Is Bob Clegg such a weak candidate that a sex trafficking survivor that responds to him needs to be publicly interrogated on Facebook?

Bob Clegg’s supporters have told me many times that I was lying, that I was defaming him and that I was going to be sued. But no one ever uncovered any untruths in what I wrote. Instead, they made up falsehoods about me, claiming that I was smearing the Republicans that voted against HB 201, which would have increased penalties for those who pay to have sex with children.

They are volunteer legislators and they had their reasons for voting against the bill. I never challenged their integrity or questioned their vote. That was one of many lies told in an attempt to shut down my criticism of Bob Clegg.

Finally, Bob Clegg confronted me himself in an NH GOP Facebook group accusing me of being a “shill for a dishonest politician.” He said “I know truth doesn’t interest you” and accused me of “repeating lies.” He claimed that I “sully the reputations of  all who voted against the bill.” He said I lied about what he was paid to do and that I “made accusations that were false and meant to defame.”

I asked Bob Clegg to point out what I wrote that was false and he never gave me an answer.