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Do You Feel Lucky?

On more than one occasion, Governor Sununu has said that life in the state might not fully return to normal until there is a vaccine. What does this mean? Not everyone wants an experimental Covid vaccine. Does Sununu intend to vaccinate everyone — without their consent forcibly?

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During a state of emergency, the governor is allowed to forcibly vaccinate individuals “to prevent the spread of contagious disease.”

NH RSA 21-P:53 Public Health Powers and Duties. –
During the existence of a state of emergency under this chapter, the commissioner of health and human services shall have the following powers and duties, subject to the direction and control of the governor, which are in addition to those set forth in RSA 141-C; provided that such powers and duties shall be limited to the specific nature of the emergency, its geographic limits, and the conditions that brought it about, as specified in the declaration of the state of emergency:

V. Such care may include immunization of individuals as necessary to prevent the spread of contagious disease, except that an individual may refuse treatment or immunization pursuant to the provisions of RSA 141-C:15, VI.

Source. 2008, 271:1, eff. June 26, 2008.

But there’s a way out, right?  “An individual may refuse treatment or immunization.”  But, wait: read the referenced RSA.

NH RSA 141-C:15 Treatment, Care of Sick; Costs. –

VI. When an individual subject to an order for treatment by the commissioner refuses to undergo such ordered treatment, the commissioner may issue a complaint, which shall be sworn to before a justice of the peace. Such complaint shall set forth the reasons for the order imposing treatment, the nature of the treatment to be provided, and the place or facility where the treatment shall be provided. Upon being presented with such an order, any law enforcement officer shall take such an individual into custody and transport the individual to the place or facility where the treatment is to be provided.

Source. 1986, 198:21. 1995, 310:183. 2002, 258:17, eff. July 1, 2002.

When an individual refuses to take the vaccine, the commissioner may issue a complaint to any Justice of the Peace (not a judge in an actual court), who must certify an order for the police to “take such individual into custody and transport the individual to the place or facility where the treatment is to be provided.”

No due process. None. Zippo. Zilch. Nada. No court hearing for any individual refusing an experimental medical treatment. It’s about as unconstitutional as a law can be, given that a vaccine can potentially deprive you of your life — without any due process whatsoever.

State-sanctioned murder, anyone?

This law violates The Nuremberg Code: “The voluntary consent of the human subject is absolutely essential.”

There is no guarantee that any vaccine is safe, especially one that’s rushed through testing to get to market, as are all the Covid vaccine candidates. Why does the governor keep extending his emergency orders? The only “reasonable” answer is what he himself has stated: he’s waiting for a vaccine. And he, of course, has “the best of intentions.”

The two statutes above were enacted in 2002 and 2008, before Covid and before Sununu became governor, so he didn’t sign them. But, Sununu did sign into law a bill that dealt with Covid vaccines and Advanced Directives. On July 29th, he signed HB 1639, authorizing  pharmacists, not just medical doctors, to administer Covid vaccines and authorizing “experimental treatments” on patients “with Covid symptoms and Covid complications.” This law goes into effect on Jan. 1, 2021.

RSA 137-J:5 Advance Directives; Scope and Duration of Agent’s Authority.

V. (e) …. for any patient experiencing severe, advanced COVID-19 symptoms or COVID-19 complications who does not have the capacity to consent himself or herself to an experimental treatment, an agent or surrogate shall have the authority to consent to experimental treatments, authorized by an institutional review board, on the patient for COVID-19 symptoms or complications.

Under the current state of emergency, family members are not allowed into hospitals to advocate for patients. It’s extremely difficult to advocate for a sick family member once they are admitted to the hospital. So, to say the very least, it’s really quite alarming that Sununu would sign a bill authorizing experimental treatments on incapacitated patients — without their consent. 

Moreover, the requirements for experimental treatment are Covid “symptoms” or Covid “complications,” not testing positive for Covid. Not that the tests are any good: the NY Times tells us so. The statutory language is quite vague, and the range of possible Covid symptoms and Covid complications is so broad that just about any disease or chronic condition would qualify.

Hospitals have a track record of mislabeling patient illnesses during the Covid outbreak to qualify for federal funding. The CDC recently announced that 94% of so-called Covid deaths had other contributing conditions. Only 6% of “Covid” patients actually died from Covid itself.

How will patients be categorized going forward? That’s critical under this law, and the “institutional review board” that authorizes experimental treatments is not defined, so it’ll be up to the governor to do that. It amounts to a provision to cover for medical experimentation on non-consenting subjects.

Forcing vaccinations and other “experimental treatments” on patients violates the Geneva Convention.

World Medical Association Declaration of Geneva 2006:

I WILL NOT USE my medical knowledge to violate human rights and civil liberties, even under threat;

In 2003, in its initial report to the Human Rights Committee, Uganda stated:

Medical and scientific experimentation

151. Uganda does not have legislation in respect of torture related to scientific and medical experimentation without the free consent of the persons concerned. However, government policy dictates that consent must be obtained from a person being subjected to medical or scientific experimentation.

152. For instance, in 1999 the Government of Uganda refused the experimentation of HIV vaccines on persons until their consent had been obtained. Government insisted that experiments were to be carried out on a voluntary basis. Government also refused the use of experiments on vulnerable persons incapable of giving valid consent, such as the mentally sick, convicts and children.

Given his decision to wait for a vaccine and the legal options at his disposal to force vaccination without consent, re-electing Sununu is playing Russian roulette.

Five out of six people find Russian Roulette completely harmless. Do you feel lucky?