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Betty Gay of Salem Does Not Deserve Re-Election

Betty Gay of Salem is running in the Republican primary for state representative in Salem and she does not deserve to be re-elected.

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Rep. Betty Gay of Salem was one of only two Republicans who voted to kill HB1251, the NH House Save Women’s Sports bill. When I asked her why this was her response in a message to me:

I was told that the high school athletic associations have requirements that any trans girl needs to have hormone treatment for so many years and surgery to qualify.  Boys can’t just say, “I feel like I’m a girl.”  And any guy comes into a restroom better expect me to call the cops.  I read a very credibly written account a couple of years ago by a woman at Disneyworld.  Some guy came into a women’s bathroom and stayed a long time.  Nobody pressured him to leave.  I would have called the Disney cops AND the town cops.

She fell for the lies, hook, line, and sinker, from Democrat Rep. Stephen Woodcock of Center Conway, who testified against the bill. There are no requirements for men to play on women’s public school sports. All they have to do is declare that they feel like a woman and they are allowed to play. That is why we need the bill.

And speaking of men in the restroom, in 2018, Betty Gay voted to pass HB1319, the “bathroom bill”, which allows men who claim to be a woman to use women’s public restrooms and locker rooms. Gov. Chris Sununu signed HB1319 into law and now, in New Hampshire, the police can’t do anything about a man in a woman’s restroom, thanks to Betty.

Here are other terrible votes that Betty Gay has made.

  • HB 446, Amending gender notation on birth certificates (voted to pass)
  • HB 287, Study committee to legalize sex work (voted to pass)
  • HB 1532, Prohibit gender reassignment surgery for minors (voted to kill)
  • HB 1560, Prohibit Medicaid funding of gender reassignment drug therapy or surgery (voted to kill)
  • HB 587, Therapy ban (voted to pass)

Thirteen Republicans are vying for nine available state representative slots in the September 8 primary. Betty Gay doesn’t deserve to be one of the nine.