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One Brave Soul to Stand at the Ready

FL School guardsman armed

In a popular Nashua Facebook group last week, a member posted that there was a Black Lives Matter protest being planned for that evening and he warned “If you have a business on Main Street, prepare to defend it.

Many reacted negatively, and the next day a woman commented “You were all ready to get your guns and defend Nashua last night. Really just gross.

Nashua resident Hector Pérez Jr. had this eloquent response:

I am on Tom’s side on this debate. We have military forces and police forces at the ready, all over the world that stand ready. It’s better to have them, yet not need them, then to need them and not have them.

If Tom is brave enough and passionate enough about our beautiful city so much so that he is willing to defend it from potential harm that, as you all see is a very real threat as it has been across our nation, I stand with him. All it takes is just one person, one brave soul to stand at the ready and take actions if necessary to defend our city, and so many more will follow.

Don’t forget, the downtown area is so small and a rioting mass of people would quickly do damage to Main St and then they would start spreading out to neighborhoods, maybe even yours, and start breaking in your homes and hurting you and your family, and stealing everything that you’ve worked so hard for and then burn down the rest while you just stand there and watch.

If there is a protest, there should be another group of folks keeping an eye out on them, just in case, because the police force in our city isn’t all that big in comparison to other cities and could easily be overwhelmed if things turned ugly.

There is absolutely nothing “gross” about being ready to defend the city that you love and our fellow Nashuans (all of you) if anything were to get out of control. I do applaud the protesters and the young lady who organized it for doing it right and being a great example for the rest of the country. It was a beautiful thing. I’m proud of all of them, but I am equally as proud of Tom for being ready to defend our beautiful city if the need arose.

I thank Hector for being a voice of reason. We need our police and our brave neighbors to be ready to defend us if a mob uses the excuse of a peaceful vigil to start a rampage, as happened in Manchester last week.

If the BLM vigil planned for this weekend ends peacefully, as the organizers are striving for, we can be thankful. If violence erupts, we can be thankful our police and townspeople are there to defend us.