Here's How Nashua High School Graduation Exercises Can be Held - Granite Grok

Here’s How Nashua High School Graduation Exercises Can be Held


Ok. It’s time. No more excuses. Mass-vigils are being held – including the well-attended vigil Saturday evening at Greely Park. Mass protests are common. The governor is opening up the state. It’s time for Nashua High School graduation exercises to be held.

Two exercises: one for North, one for South. Separate days. No guests – just the students and the appropriate staff.

Outside at Holman Stadium. Both High Schools have plenty of space. Local cable TV can broadcast it live, rebroadcast it, and record it. Parents can get copies on DVD on request *funded by the city* (contact a DVD production company). An official photographer takes the graduation photo – one copy free to each family. They can purchase additional copies from the photographer at a discounted rate. JPG available for download – free.

Chairs lined up on the outfield, social separation distancing. Staggered so they can walk between them.

A platform on home plate. Principal, vice principal, secretary. NO OTHER ADMINISTRATORS.

Kids come up one at a time when their names are called. They walk up the stairs on one side, are formally handed their certificate without a handshake, photos are taken, they go down the stairs on the other side and then return to their seats.

There is no longer ANY valid excuse for NOT doing this. The governor is now opening the state, and we should see EVERYTHING open by the end of the month.

There’s no planning required here, just some chairs and a place to hand out the graduation certificates. It’s far too late to get caps and gowns, so the graduates should attend wearing their “Sunday best”.

If the Superintendent, school board, or Board of Education does not agree that the time has come to do this, they should be fired and/or resign.

No more excuses. JUST DO IT. Give our High School graduates at least one happy memory to take with them into their future.

A note to parents: you had the opportunity to elect a pro-student Board of Education last year. If nothing else, this year should impress upon you the importance of local elections. THIS is what happens when you “don’t have time to vote” or decide to “leave it to others.”