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Alderman’s Husband Encourages Shoppers to Flee Nashua

Atlant Schmidt

The Nashua City Aldermen overwhelmingly voted to require masks when doing business or shopping in Nashua, with a penalty of up to $1,000 for violators, for the purpose of slowing the spread of COVID-19.

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This past week, a news article was posted to Facebook titled “Nashua police pushing for mask compliance, not summonses.” It explored how the Nashua Police Department is handling reports of people not wearing masks. There were many interesting comments under the post.

One commenter lamented:

What a waste of taxpayer dollars. By not simply wearing a mask, you are taking up the police’s valuable time Just because, you don’t want to be law abiding, and don’t want to wear a mask. Please just follow the ordinance. Keep those around you safe, including our police. That’s what it’s all about.

This exemplifies what many Nashua Democrats believe, which is that if everyone in Nashua would simply comply with the mask mandate, everything would be fine.

An angry commenter said:

No shopping in Nashua for me. I voluntarily wear a mask when out shopping not because I believe it does any good but because I want those who are afraid to feel comfortable. But I refuse to be told that I have to wear one to spend my money. So Nashua maybe when you end this fascist crap, maybe I’ll spend my hard earned money in Nashua, then again maybe not.

Many others commenting agreed with that sentiment and said they would not be shopping in Nashua anytime soon.

The most remarkable comment of all, however, was from Alderman Jan Schmidt’s husband, Atlant Schmidt, who said:

Atlant Schmidt Don't Shop in Nashua

He made that comment two days ago and it is still on Facebook.

As his wife represents Ward 1 of Nashua as an alderman, I wonder if she agrees with this sentiment? I wonder what Nashua business owners think of an alderman’s husband encouraging shoppers to flee Nashua when they are struggling under Governor Sununu’s shutdown orders?

Will Alderman Schmidt issue an apology for her husband’s thoughtless remarks?