Should men be allowed to compete in women's sports? House Ed Committee says "Yes!" - Granite Grok

Should men be allowed to compete in women’s sports? House Ed Committee says “Yes!”

Protect Fairness for Females

We were at the NH Legislative Office Building on Tuesday, February 25 to represent the sane perspective that men should not be allowed to play in women’s public school sports.

The House Education Committee was having an executive session to vote on HB1251, the Save Women’s Sports bill. The ACLU-NH and the Kent Street Coalition, which claims to be for “fairness” and “compassion”, were there to organize people to hold up signs outside the committee room defending the rights of men to compete in women’s school sports. Sadly, many of those participating were gender-confused youth.

We held our Save Women’s Sports signs, and I showed to everyone passing by a picture of a male basketball player on a woman’s team to prove how crazy the whole concept of men competing against women is. You can see pictures and coverage of the event on the Save Women’s Sports website.

As we feared, all of the “woke” Democrats on the committee and two Republicans, Rep. Dan Wolf of Newbury and Rep. Bob Elliott of Salem, voted 13-6 that HB1251 is “Inexpedient to Legislate”.  When it gets to the full House, the first vote will be to concur with the committee recommendation, and if that fails, then they could vote to pass the bill. That is a big hurdle to overcome.

The committee members that oppose the bill, including Rep. Tamara Le of North Hampton, Chairman Mel Myler of Contoocook, and Rep. Stephen Woodcock of Center Conway, cited their concerns for the well being of gender-confused young men and dismissed or downplayed concerns that women will lose out to men, who are bigger and stronger, and who would likely dominate any women’s sports they choose to participate in.

The bill supporters on the committee, including Rep. Glenn Cordelli of Tuftonburo, and Rep. Alicia Lekas of Hudson, who is a co-sponsor for the bill, valiantly defended the right for women to have their own sports, but it was not enough to overcome the desire of thirteen committee members to demonstrate to the transgender activists how virtuous they are by voting to allow the unfair treatment of women to continue.

The Union Leader reporter took a picture of us and our signs defending women’s sports and it was featured on page two of the paper. The Union Leader posted it on their Facebook page and the comments were overwhelmingly sympathetic for our cause with many angry comments about those taking advantage of women and denying them their opportunities to have their own sports, and it was shared dozens of times. There is a hunger here to push back against this nonsense.

The full House is likely to vote on HB1251 on March 11 or 12. Contact your state representatives and ask that they overturn the committee’s “inexpedient to legislate” report, and instead vote “ought to pass” on HB 1251.

On Tuesday, March 3 a companion Save Women’s Sports bill, SB480, will have a public hearing at the Senate Education and Workforce Development Committee. That will be the only chance to testify against the bill before it is voted on by the full NH Senate. We will be gathering with signs outside the hearing room, Room 103, in the NH Legislative Office Building starting at 9:30 am. The hearing starts at 10:30 am. RSVP on Facebook to get updates on the hearing.

Please contact the Senate Education Committee and politely ask them to vote Ought to Pass on SB480