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Triggered Nashua Dems Accuse Us of Stalking, Slander, and Faking Photographs

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There is a discussion among Liberal elite apologists in Nashua. They have decided that a photo we received of an illegally parked vehicle was photoshopped. It’s an interesting thread that also accuses us of stalking and slander. 

Thanks for sharing. 

First, I realize y’all are so much smarter than us, but when you claim defamation in print, it is called libel. So, if you intend you file charges (and not just yap your ignorant gums in liberal safe-spaces on social media), you may want to use the proper term. (Unless you can prove slander, then by all means.)

Nutjobs falsifying PhotoshopSecond, the picture was sent to me by the constituent who says they took the picture and swears that it is not altered in any way.

I reached out to Rep Bergeron several days ago, but he appears unwilling or unable to refute its authenticity. It’s only going to keep coming up until we hear otherwise (and unlike the New York Times, we do not bury our corrections and retractions).

So, maybe he will get back to me, and we can share his explanation. It might be a good one. We’d be happy to share it unedited. And, I’m sure Nashua voters would love to hear it. 

Until then, the false evidence accusation is cute but meaningless. We’re also not guilty of libel (or slander) or stalking. But if it makes you feel good by all means as you were. 

We love the material.

Especially all the stuff out there on the corruption and incompetence alleged in the Nashua Assessing department. The apparent City Hall cover-up.

It’s all coming down the line, to borrow a phrase.

Good times.